How To Add Timestamp Links In Your Podcast Show Notes

If you don’t know I have a podcast that I do over at 2DWebsolutions with Kerry Carron. Each month we answer questions that are submitted on our site, via our app, or in the Slack group. From the beginning we added the questions discussed in the show notes. As early as episode two we started to receive feedback from listeners that it would be better if we also add the time stamp for when each question is answered. Even though it takes a lot of time and patience to get the time stamp for each question, Kerry does it each month and adds them to the show notes. At the time we thought that was the best we could do, but..

I was reading the show notes on one of the many podcasts that I listen to when I tried to go to the time stamp they had in the show notes. Do you know how frustrating it is to try to scrub to a specific time stamp?

That got me thinking that there has to be a way to make time stamps in the show notes more useful. Youtube lets you add a time stamp link in your Youtube video description, so I knew it was possible. I looked for a WordPress plugin that would add a time stamp link, but I could not find one that worked without breaking the site. So, what did I do?

I created a WordPress plugin that would add a time stamp link in the show notes on our site. After using for a while I realized that other podcasters can benefit from the plugin. These time stamps can help your listeners find the important parts of the podcast. Time stamps especially help in the cases of long episodes, episodes with segments, or episodes with especially important moments.

Watch the video to see how the Link Timestamp WordPress plugin allows you to add a time stamp link in your podcast show notes.

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Time stamp links
Automatic Linking – 1:28
Manual linking from the editor – 2:56

I want to point out that it is for the WordPress platform and it will hyperlink to time stamps in Youtube embeds, Vimeo embeds, HTML5 audio players, and HTML5 video players. You don’t have to go to all your past show notes and manually add the time stamp link if you don’t want to. You can just use the automatic links.

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2 replies on “How To Add Timestamp Links In Your Podcast Show Notes”

Hi Arelthia,

Thank you so much for a great video. Do you know if this plugin works within Elementor? I format everything on my WordPress site through Elementor and often plugins doesn’t really work. Any chance you have tested it?


Hi Tommie,
It is my pleasure. The LinkTimestamp WordPress plugin does not work with the video widget. The tiny mce button does not show up in Elementor but the auto-linking works with the text widget. Are you doing audio or video? What player do you use.


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