Getting Started With Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the text editor that I use for writing code such as PHP, CSS, HTML and jQuery. I have been using it for a few years and highly recommend it to others. Below is an infographic I created a few months ago to help others get started with Sublime Text. You can try […]


Get Content from CkEditor Using JQuery

In a recent project I used the CkEditor to add a WYSIWYG¬†editor to the private¬†control panel. It was easy to add the editor to the page, but I struggled to get content from CkEditor using jQuery. Normally I would use the following code to get content on submit. But that does not work when using […]


Migrate Email From One Host To Another Host

When migrating to a new host it is important to consider how email will be handled and do old emails need to be preserved. Most WordPress backup solutions will not backup email related data. That means to completely migrate to a new server you have to manually move your email. In this short tutorial I […]